Can Panel Beaters create quotes from photos?

They sure can. Most external or cosmetic car damage can be quoted off just a few clear images. For our system we just a video paired with images, which we provide an easy guide for you to follow. If there is any internal damage (more than just the exterior panels), we suggest taking your car in to a Panel Beater for a thorough inspection.

How many quotes will I receive?

You can expect to receive up to three quotes. This way you can choose the quote that suits your needs best. We will offer you quotes which feature the best price, the best location or the best rating. There isn’t a cap on how many quotes you’ll receive, it will be based on the amount of repairers that get back to you within the time limit.

How long does it take to receive a quote?

On average we return three quotes within 24 business hours of submitting your damage to us. This return time is dependent on the response time of our panel beaters and you have to take into consideration weekends, holidays and public holidays.

I have found the perfect quote how do I confirm my appointment?

Simply click, “Accept” and then you will be directed to the repairers contact details to confirm your appointment. You need to liaise with the repairer and their booking schedule to when you can get your car into their repair shop.

What if I decide not to accept any of the quotes?

It’s always your choice if you decide to proceed with one of your repair quotes. We offer our quoting service obligation free. You only pay a holding fee once you have accepted your preferred quote to confirm with the repairer that you legitimately want to use their services.

Is the price quoted the price I will pay?

Absolutely. When you select a quote the price you see for the repair is the exact price you will pay when it’s complete. There are no hidden fees. The only exception is if the panel beater discovers additional damage upon physical inspection that was not visible in the images. If this happens the repairer will always contact you first so there are no surprises. You can then decide if you want to go ahead with the additional required work or not. It’s always up to you.

Does the price quoted include all parts and labour?

Yes. The price you see in our quotes will include all components of the repair including any parts, any paint and labour. Anything additional, however, will be at an extra cost, but the repairer will notify you and require approval before commencing any additional work.

What are additional services and how do I know what’s included in my quote?

Additional services are offered (and are subjective) to the individual repairer. These include things such as free loan car, free car pickup, free drop off, free car wash or comfortable waiting rooms with tea and coffee. These additional services can be discussed with your repairer once you have received their contact information and are booking an appointment. If you have a particular service you require, you can add it into you damage details to let the repairers know you require a specific service outside of the repair.

Can repairers come to me?

Yes indeed. We have a network of mobile repairers who will be able to come to you.

Will my warranty be affected if I book with a Panel Beater on KWOTED rather than with the dealership?

Not at all. Certified Panel Beaters and Mobile Repairers are qualified to carry out repairs as per manufacturers specifications without affecting the manufacturer’s Warranty. We are just a system to connect you to the repairer with time saving and cost saving feature. If your repair requires replacement parts then they will always quote for genuine manufacturers parts, unless you specifically request otherwise or if they specify otherwise in their quote (eg. It’s an older car outside warranty and you are looking for a lower price).

Do repairers on KWOTED offer a warranty on their work?

Some panel beaters offer different forms of warranty on their work. This is something that you’ll need to discuss and confirm with your repairer. It is important to remember the Kwoted connects clients to repairers and that the repairers on the other end function and conduct themselves in their own professional manner.

Is it cheaper to use KWOTED instead of claiming my repair through Insurance?

This depends on the extent of the damage to your vehicle. If the repair is a small repair ($300 to $1000) it is more cost effective to not claim your vehicle through insurance, as the cost of the excess exceeds the cost of the damage.